EventSimplify Has Changed Our Name to PostSimplify

If you have come to this page looking for eVentSimplify, we have moved everything to We have exciting new features available with our most recent update which include:
  • Support for more Facebook event types: You can now automate posts to Facebook Group and Page events.
  • Support for Facebook GroupsFacebook Groups can have automated posts to the group feed.
  • Support for Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages can have automated posts to the page feed.
  • Events using Groups: Groups can now be used to communicate details about an event. Start Date/Time and End Date/Time can now be associated with Facebook Groups.
  • Schedule Post by Date/Time: Posts can be schedule on a specific date and time, as well as in a series based on an event date.
  • Per Minute Feature: During the time of an event, you can now have posts schedule per minute when you add that option to your account.
If you have subscribed to our eVentSimplify service in the past, your account has been moved to PostSimplify. Your login and password will stay the same. All the same great features that you've used in the past are available, as well as the additional features listed above.

**** Important ****
All your templates and events that you have created will be saved and your posts will continue to be sent to Facebook. We will need you to link your Facebook account again after we have finished the migration from eVentSimplify to PostSimplify. You can do this by clicking on your PostSimplify profile in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Re-connect with Facebook”.

Click on this link to be transfered to the PostSimplify site.